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Hampshire Electronics

Delay - Eurorack Synth Module in 6HP

Delay - Eurorack Synth Module in 6HP

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Part of our new module range of space-saving designs, the Hampshire Electronics Delay module in 6HP is a brand new PT2399 based delay effect module in the popular Eurorack format.

Perfect for creating depth and interest to your modular patches, this delay module is compact and easy to use. Features CV controlled delay time.

The Delay uses the well known PT2399 IC to produce its signature sound.

The key details of the Delay are as follows:

  • 6HP Wide Eurorack module with thin profile (20mm deep from faceplate)

  • Aluminium faceplate in gloss black, white and gold

  • Diode protected power input

  • Classic PT2399 delay, from 30ms to 340ms of clean delay and significantly more with lo-fi break-up

  • The module will take the PT2399 as far as it will go in terms of delay length

  • Delay time adjustment

  • Feedback adjustment

  • Mix adjustment

  • CV input for delay time in the standard 0v to 5v range

  • 27ma @ +12v 

  • 8ma @ -12v

All Hampshire Electronics modules come with full and detailed instructions, power cable and screws.

Designed and assembled in England.

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