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3340 VCO - Eurorack Analogue Oscillator Module

3340 VCO - Eurorack Analogue Oscillator Module

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The Hampshire Electronics 3340 VCA is a 100% analogue voltage controller oscillator in the popular Eurorack format.

The oscillator utilises the famous 3340 analogue oscillator integrated circuit popularised by a range of classic analogue synthesizers from the 1980s onwards. The 3340 has recently re-entered production, enabling a new generation of synth enthusiasts to enjoy its stability and sound quality.

 The key details of the oscillator are: 

  • 14HP Wide Eurorack module with thin profile (20mm deep from faceplate)
  • Controls designed and laid-out with performance in mind
  • 100% analogue circuitry
  • Excellent stability and temperature compensation from the 3340 analogue oscillator IC
  • 2 x 1v per octave inputs with excellent tracking across all octaves
  • Coarse and fine-tuning knobs with a tuning defeat switch
  • Output frequencies of all wave shapes from less than 1Hz to over 40kHz
  • Standard 16-pin Eurorack power connector with clear markings to ensure correct connection orientation
  • Simultaneous ramp, square, triangle and sine wave outputs
  • 2 x exponential FM inputs accepting the standard +5v to -5v levels, each featuring an attenuator
  • 1 x linear FM input accepting standard +5v to -5v levels, featuring an attenuator
  • Pulse width control of the square wave output
  • Pulse width modulation input for the square wave output, accepting the standard +5v to -5v levels and featuring an attenuator
  • Classic 3340 hard and soft sync inputs accepting a 0v to 5v square wave input
  • Diode protected power input
  • 23ma @ +12v
  • 24ma @ -12v


Click here to download 3340 VCO Instructions and Details



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