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Hampshire Electronics

Wave Folder - Eurorack Analogue Oscillator Module

Wave Folder - Eurorack Analogue Oscillator Module

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The Hampshire Electronics Wave Folder Module is a 100% analogue wave folder in the popular Eurorack format.

The wave folder limits the peaks of the input signal but rather than just clipping it actually inverts the signal and folds it back on itself. This leads to some amazing and interesting timbres, often generated with no more than a sine input wave.

The folding depth and the number of folded peaks are fully controllable. A CV input is also provided to control the number of folds with attenuator.

The key details of the Wave Folder are:


  • 8HP Wide Eurorack module with thin profile (20mm deep from faceplate)
  • Controls designed and laid-out with performance in mind
  • 100% analogue circuitry
  • Tough yet light composite faceplate
  • Input range from -5v to +5v
  • Control over the depth of the fold
  • Control over the number of folds
  • CV control (0v to +5v) over the number of folds with attenuator
  • Trim pots for the input offset and shape symmetry
  • Diode protected power input
  • 13ma @ +12v
  • 13ma @ -12v


    Click here to download Wave Folder Instructions and Details



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