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Hampshire Electronics

Delay - Eurorack Analogue Module

Delay - Eurorack Analogue Module

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The Hampshire Electronics Delay is a delay module in the popular Eurorack format.

The Delay uses the well known PT2399 IC to produce its signature sound.

The key details of the Delay are as follows:

  • 8HP Wide Eurorack module with thin profile (20mm deep from faceplate)
  • Controls designed and laid-out with performance in mind
  • Tough yet light composite faceplate
  • Diode protected power input
  • Classic PT2399 delay, from 30ms to 340ms of clean delay and significantly more with lo-fi break-up
  • The module will take the PT2399 as far as it will go in terms of delay length
  • Delay time adjustment
  • Feedback adjustment
  • Wet/dry adjustment
  • CV input for delay time in the standard 0v to 5v range
  • 27ma @ +12v
  • 8ma @ -12v


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