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Quad VCA - Eurorack Analogue Voltage Controlled Amplifier

Quad VCA - Eurorack Analogue Voltage Controlled Amplifier

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The Hampshire Electronics Quad VCA is a 100% analogue voltage-controlled amplifier in the popular Eurorack format.

The VCA feature four independent linear amplifiers with attenuation for the CV input and an offset control.

The offset control applies a controllable positive or negative voltage to the amplifier, enabling biasing of the CV control voltage. This is useful, for example, when using a -5v / +5v LFO input to modulate the amplitude of another signal, with the output expected to be in the range 0v to +5v.

The key details of the Quad VCA are:

  • 16HP Wide Eurorack module with thin profile (20mm deep from faceplate)
  • Controls designed and laid-out with performance in mind
  • 100% analogue circuitry
  • Tough yet light composite faceplate
  • Provides four completely independent voltage-controlled amplifiers
  • Each voltage-controlled amplifier features a CV input, CV attenuator and an offset control to bias the amplifier
  • CV inputs accept a voltage range of -5v to +5v
  • Inputs accept a voltage range of -5v to +5v
  • Linear VCA behaviour
  • Diode protected power input
  • 23ma @ +12v
  • 23ma @ -12v

Click here to download the Quad VCA Instructions and Details



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